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Wedding Emcee Script

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Many couples have requested us for a sample of our wedding emcee script. Below is a script we use. We do not follow it word by word when we host weddings. But it acts as a simple guide for you if you are looking for a wedding emcee script and wants to know the program outline for your wedding.

Click on the link HERE to view a sample of wedding emcee script.


wedding emcee script

We want to stress that having a wedding emcee script is only 5% of a successful wedding emcee.

The other 95% depends on the presentation of the wedding emcee. A good wedding emcee needs to ensure the program flows smoothly and most importantly, ensure your guests are entertained and hooked to your wedding.

Your guests may have packed quite a huge amount in their Ang-baos. Surely you will want to keep them entertained and let them have fun in your wedding. :)

If you want to provide good entertainment for your wedding guests, you can invest in good wedding emcee and magician and let your guests have a good time!

At WOW Magic, we are deeply pleased to have hosted hundreds of weddings and received lots of happy feedback from our customers.

Other than providing wedding emcee, we also provide magic entertainment during the wedding to entertain your guests.

Our wedding emcee is in charge of making announcements and ensure that the weddings run smoothly. He does not follow the script totally and present in his own unique style. He cracks a few jokes occasionally and make sure the guests’ mood is happy.

Our wedding magicians will move around table to table to entertain your guests with interactive close up magic. Everyone will be entertained and have a good memory of your wedding.

For more information about our wedding emcee and magic package, contact us to find out more.

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