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3 Ways to WOW Your Guests (Wedding Entertainment Ideas)

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

wedding entertainment ideas

A wedding brings people from different social circles together. Most of your guests do not know each other. Instead of letting them have awkward small talks, why not include some entertainment to help them break the ice and enjoy their time? Here are 3 wedding entertainment ideas to wow your guests and let them rave about your wedding for a long time.

1. Wedding Emcee

professional wedding emcee

A good wedding emcee is crucial to any successful wedding. He acts as an announcer and ensure that the wedding runs smoothly. He hypes up the atmosphere and keep it fun and interesting. He evokes passion and energy from your guests during your wedding. And most importantly, he knows how to make you and your spouse the stars of the show.

2. Roving Magic

singapore roving magic services

Roving magic is the perfect wedding entertainment to break the ice among your guests, and let them have an enjoyable time in your wedding. It involves a magician walking around table to table and entertain your guests with close up magic. A good roving magician engages all the guests and creates a fun and amazing atmosphere at all the tables. Nothing is more amazing for your guests than experiencing magic in their own hands. On top of impressing your guests, a magician leaves an ever-lasting memory among your guests about your wedding.

Click this link to find out why you need a roving magician in your wedding. 

3. Instant-Print Photo Booth

photo booth

A photo booth starts during your wedding reception. Your guests get to choose from a wide variety of wacky props and take fun shots together, with the aid of a beautiful backdrop and assistant. Your wedding picture will be inside each picture. All the pictures are uploaded onto social media to all your guests to tag themselves. Printed with high quality fast speed printer, your guests get to keep the picture and remember your wedding for many years to come.

Above are 3 wedding entertainment ideas to make your wedding a special one. Are you ready to wow your guests? Contact Us!

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