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Want to learn how to become a street magician? Let a professional magician guides you by sharing with you a series of close-up routines. Suitable for beginners, the tricks can come in handy in almost any situation; be it the street, the home, or even night clubs! On top of being a great tool to entertain, the true essence of magic lies deep beyond imagination. It allows one to break ice, boost confidence, approach various situations better, improve public speaking abilities, think spontaneously, and many more!


In fact, Magic is a great way to make new friends, differentiate yourself from others and add spice and laughter to your business meetings. Suitable for 1 to 1 coaching or in groups, the magician will guide you hand in hand, step by step from a newbie to a professional magician. The magician will share with you how to use NORMAL things like rubber bands, cards, coins, name cards to create ABNORMAL effects. Make your dreams into reality by contacting us now!



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