Why Do You Need A Roving Magician In Your Wedding?
Singapore Wedding Emcee, Magic Show, Wedding Photo Booth, Instant Print Photo Booth
Singapore Wedding Emcee, Magic Show, Wedding Photo Booth, Instant Print Photo Booth
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Why Do You Need A Roving Magician In Your Wedding?

roving magician

14 Jul Why Do You Need A Roving Magician In Your Wedding?

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Roving Magic is an art of performing close up magic right in front of an audience’s eyes. The roving magician walks around to different groups of people, and amaze them with magic that is engaging, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and most importantly, gives them an ever-lasting memory of your event.

Roving magic is the perfect entertainment for events like weddings, birthday parties, dinner and dance, product launches and many others. 

Are you planning a wedding and looking for wedding entertainment ideas?

Let us give you a few reasons why you need a roving magician in your wedding:

wedding magic sg

1. Magic is Very Popular Right Now

Magic is popularized by celebrity magicians like Lu Chen, Chris Angel, David Blaine. People love to watch them perform magic on TV.


People love more to watch magic right in front of their eyes! Nothing is more amazing than experiencing the impossible in such close proximity. 

Give your guests this incredible experience by engaging a roving magician.

children magic show

2. Magic is Perfect for the Young and Old

Many people think that magic is only for kids. That is the biggest lie ever told in Magic!

From our many years in performing roving magic, adults enjoy magic as much as children. Unlike children who get excited over little things in life, adults sometimes need a more twisted reality to tickle their minds, and bring out the childhood in them. 

A restaurant manager once told us, “Magic is like Ice-Cream. It appeals to all ages.”

A professional roving magician will know how to customise his magic according to his audiences. If his audiences are adults, he can perform sleight of hand and mind reading. If his audiences are children, he can engage them with more visual acts and things which the children can touch and hold. 

3. Magic is Unobtrusive Entertainment

How many times have you been to an event, with music so loud that you have problems communicating with your friends?

Magic, on the other hand, is unobtrusive. The magician moves from table to table to perform without affecting the rest. If a person doesn’t like to watch, he doesn’t have to. If a person says no (which rarely happens), the roving magician will politely walk away to perform to other groups of people. With roving magic, you can entertain your guests without worrying that it may affect them.

singapore magician

4.  Magic is a great way to break ice, promotes engagement, kills waiting time, and bring out laughter

Have you been to a wedding when the guests are just talking to the people beside them, looking at the opposite people in awkward silence, or even in their own world, tapping on their phones? 

Countless times!

Roving magic can create talking topics, helping your guests to interact with each other and entertain them. Everytime there is magic on a table, the energy level will rise, laughter and scream of delights will be heard. Your guests will have an enjoyable time.


5. Magic can create souvenirs which help people remember your event forever

A lot of magic tricks involve turning normal things into abnormal effects. Imagine a rubber band transforming into beautiful shapes, a signed coin bending in your audience’s hand, 2 signed cards fusing into one…

And the best part is… Your guests can keep these objects as souvenirs after the show!


Above are 5 reasons why you need a roving magician for your wedding. Are you planning a wedding or other event? Make an enquiry today to find out how we can add a magical touch to your wedding.  

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